Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese food

I have not been cooking.
I have had Chinese take out for dinner, lunch and dinner for the past two days.  Do you think all that MSG could be the buzzing in my head?  I'm not really kidding about that. I have eaten probably a pound and half of spicy green beans.  They are so good, I can't stop!  But, I bet they have a lot of salt on them.

Well, in our world, Senate Bill 5 just passed the Senate.  What I don't have the full scoop on but all the teachers were talking about today is how someone on the committee who planned on voting no was replaced with someone who voted yes and that won the vote 17-16.

What I can't understand is how anyone can justify attacking teachers, police and firemen.  The people that help raise our kids, protect us from the bad guys and come to our rescue when our houses are on fire or someone we love is having a heart attack - who could say any of these guys are overpaid, over-benefitted, over-compensated?  Are you kidding??  Now, they have it set that a teacher with 10 years experience and a Master degree will make, are you ready?  Wait for it.... $31,500 per year.  Now, remember that a teaching degree is a FIVE year degree and then an average masters degree costs over $15,000.  The school system does not pay for this.  It's crazy and it's making me rethink this plan to get my teaching degree.  I have a business degree but wanted to do something more for my fellow man.  But, not at the expense of my family.

Tomorrow is Friday night. I'm not sure yet what our plans are - there are two basketball games that we will probably go to.  It will probably be chicken.

Bonne nuit.

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