Sunday, March 13, 2011

crazy times

As if Charlie Sheen's rants aren't enough craziness, (does he seriously expect us to believe he's not using? The guy looks like a skeleton and talks like a lunatic! If he's not on drugs, he'd better get a cat scan because something is seriously wrong.) one of the biggest earthquakes on record shook Japan and sent flood waters across the region.  Watching that water stampede across, trampling everything in it's path, carrying cars, houses, boat and other debris, sends shocks of wonder, disbelief, awe and horror to the person who is safely sitting in their living room, watching the television or the computer.

We live in Cleveland and, yesterday, as we were driving by the airport and the Ford Plant that looks like it is its own city, I could imagine water gushing over it all taking everything in it's path.  It was humbling and a huge reminder to not take life for granted.  Nothing is really promised, is it?  When water spills over the land, rushes over houses, cars and boats and takes everything in it's path, human life is more delicate than any of us would ever like to admit.  4 trains are missing.  Doesn't that seem impossible?  How could 4 trains go missing.  Water swept them away the way the wind blows a leaf off of the front porch.

Anyway, it doesn't seem like I've been cooking much lately.  I did take a lesson from Rachael's cookbook and made a fast dinner but it really isn't one of her recipes.  She's turned me on to McCormick's Montreal Grill Seasoning mix.  It's peppery and savory and I love it!  I put it on some chicken breasts, grilled them while I had some pre-packaged waffle fries in the oven.  And, then I made my standard which I've told you about before - peppers and onions sauteed with a bit of olive oil on high heat until they start to brown, then add a dash of balsamic vinegar.  We had a salad and I steamed some broccoli.  Other than that, another night, I grilled some steaks and had baked potatoes - used the McCormick's on that too.  Anyway, I've been on my own a bit this week.  

Yesterday night, my daughter was home with a friend while my husband and I were at the game and they tried to make something from the cookbook but they didn't have the ingredients so they tried to improvise.  Well, neither one really has the skill to do that just yet and they didn't like what they made.  But, I remember that age as a cook!  You think, "Why can't I do this?"  then you do it and it's awful and you think, "Oh, that's why."

I am hoping you are well.  Safe.  Warm.  Dry.  I am a religious and spirtual  person and I will go ahead and say it - God Bless You.

Bon Jour!

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