Saturday, March 5, 2011

Edible Arrangements

It was a banner day at the Fruit Stand as we like to call it.  Our store did about 23 arrangements today when we usually do about 10-15.  I had to cut about 5 more pineapple into shapes and there were all of these scraps so I brought them home.  There is a recipe in Rachael's cookbook for Pineapple Chicken - it calls for a whole pineapple that is cored and peeled - no sweat!

I used that McCormick's grilling seasoning on the chicken to season it before grilling it in the fry pan (is that the right technical terms?)  Then, slice up the cooked chicken, put it back into the skillet and put the pineapple sauce on top.  Also, I didn't have any spiced rum so I used coconut rum.  This recipe was a big hit with my husband.  And, there's still some of the sauce left over.  Love leftovers!  They make the best lunches.  I'll cook some more chicken and it will be great for lunch tomorrow.

With the rest of the pineapple scraps, I chunked them up and put them in a blender with six or seven frozen strawberries, the juice from the scraps and about three quarters of a cup of the coconut rum plus a little white rum just for effect and blended - daquiri anyone?  Those were quite tasty too.

Meanwhile, my son has Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  We keep asking ourselves questions like, "How did he move that thousand pound rock by himself?" Oh well.  It's a movie right?

My husband just complimented me again on the dinner.  It was a hit!

Bonne nuit!

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