Friday, January 28, 2011

day 7 which means recipe 6

Okay, so this is an awkward night. My husband is away with our son camping and my 16 year old daughter has her boyfriend over. I've met him maybe 3 times and well, I can't say much about him other than it's awkward having him here. Do you know what I mean? He doesn't like to wear shoes and wears flip flops in the snow. That's about the extent of what I know about him. He's kind of short. A little chunky. And, my daughter is this really petite, cute freakin' cheerleader! Shouldn't she be dating some amazing hunky guy? I don't know. I've hardly heard him talk. The girls (my twin daughters who, amazingly, are both 16) say he's funny. I haven't heard it but that doesn't mean he isn't. It's just awkward.

So what do you make when you're having an awkward night? I made the chicken in mustard sauce with a box of Chicken Rice a Roni and canned green beans. And, he had just eaten so he didn't have any so I don't even know what his eating habits are. Is he picky? I don't know. He made jokes about watching us eat but we ate while we watched t.v. to make it very casual. Is that okay?

The chicken was quite tasty and I only changed the recipe a smidge. I have all this flat leaf parsley and no fresh tyme so I used the parsely and I added a bit of white wine to the sauce. What can I say? I like white wine with dijon mustard. It was delish and I liked the parsely added to it.

Now, you're wondering what they are doing as I type, right? My twin girls are watching Toy Story 3 with this guy. I'm in the kitchen. They're in the family room. Oiy. How do I get him to leave after the movie? How long is he allowed to stay? I have to work early in the morning...I don't think I can go to bed while he's here! Maybe I should put some big, fat curlers in my hair, put on my jammies and a nice green mask on my face and tell him goodnight. That should turn his stomach enough that he won't want anything more from my daughter than a little peck on the cheek! Maybe I'll try that.

Good night Readers!

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