Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last night, as I was by myself, I watched "Eat Pray Love." In a scene, a rather chubby Italian man says that Amercians don't know how to experience pleasure, that we sit in our pajamas and watch t.v. on the weekends and talked about how Italians have 'the sweetness of doing nothing.'

Well, there I was, not in jammies but close, watching t.v. How about the sweetness of doing nothing combined with worry, worry, worry? Do Italians do that? It was, "Oh, I hope the boys are warm enough camping!" and "That boyfriend that I know so little about, he better be nice to my daughter at the dance! He better be safe when he's driving her home! He better not try any funny business!" and for the daughter who didn't go to the dance " I hope she's okay and not disappointed that she didn't ask anyone to go. I hope she's having fun with her friend and they aren't sitting there commiserating." That's how I spent my evening. Watching someone else go to Italy, India and Bali while on my couch thinking about my family who was not there and worrying about them. Sounds pathetic doesn't it?

But, I'm trying to find the gratitude in my life, so let's turn this thing around. I have a couch. I have a t.v. I have a house that keeps me warm. And I have someone to miss and love and worry about. Those are blessings indeed.

The boys come home today (my husband and son.) I can't wait. I'll make pancakes for breakfast. Which the only kind of pancakes you can have in this house are made with Bisquick. If you make pancakes with some box of crap that you only have to add water to it, throw it out and go get some Bisquick. Seriously. You add a half cup of milk and one egg to every cup of Bisquick. It's very easy and they make the best pancakes out there. Even better than the Betty Crocker recipe where you make them from scratch. Seriously! And then, if the mood strikes, you can make biscuits or waffles some time.

I'll write later when I have figured out what to make tonight. It's got to be something with either chicken, ground turkey or ground pork because that's what I've have in the freezer!

Bon jour! Off to make 3 cups of bisquick, 1 and half cups of milk and three eggs.

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