Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Started

Hi Readers!

So, I had this idea to buy the Rachel Ray cook book with 365 recipes and use one recipe for each day for a year. Yes, I know. It's a little Julie/Julia, isn't it? Yes. It is. But, look - if I end up meeting Rachel Ray, that could be fun, right? A little t.v. time would be cool. We all secretly wish we could be on t.v. just once in our lives. Wonder where she tapes her show....hmmm. As it's about 17 degrees here tonight, some place warm seems preferable.

But, that's getting way ahead of myself. Because, let's face it - this won't be as easy as it sounds. 365 days includes Christmas, Easter, birthdays...Am I seriously going to make a Rachel Ray 30 minute recipe on those days?? I would like to try. There is a section for fancier food so I will peruse that.

I guess some rules should be put into place:
1. I have to make one meal from the cookbook per day but I will give myself 3 days to fudge it. Meaning, if I'm throwing up with a 24 hour flu bug, okay, maybe it's best not to make anything from the book that day. But, that also means that if Christmas rolls around and I still have a day, I can take it then. Think of it as 3 sick/personal days.
2. Only make each thing once. Once it's checked off, it's done. UNLESS! I make something new that day as well. I have recipe number 1 in mind for this. I don't have the book right next to me - I think it's like the scrambler sandwich would sounds like a good breakfast food as well. So, if that becomes breakfast of champions, I can make something else for dinner.
3. I will post something every day so that on January 23rd, 2012, I will have fulfilled my purpose and have 366 postings.
4. I will try to do my best to use the ingredients as listed. I have mushrooms in mind here - YUCK! I have serious fungus issues - can't eat that! No one in my family likes mushrooms so I may be skipping those. Oh, God...I bet there's a portabello sandwich recipe or something like that in there. Oiy. I will try it....maybe.

Okay, that's it so far. I will start tomorrow. Why tomorrow? It's my youngest son's (my only son but not my only child) 13th birthday! January 23rd. Maybe I'll tell his birth story tomorrow. He'll love that!

Good night readers! Love ya!

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