Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late night

It feels like it's after midnight and it's only 10:20.  Ever get that way?  Every noise knits your brows together and makes you feel absolutely nutty and cranky?  My husband just honked his nose.  Well, he blew his nose.  Same thing.  Ugh!

Anyway, once I write this, I'm off to bed.  My list has continued in this manner for the last hour.  Once I clean up the kitchen, I'm off to bed.  Darn it!  There's a load of laundry that has my son's pants in it that he'll need for tomorrow.  Once I fold that basket of laundry, I'm off to bed.  Darn it!  Daughter needs help proof-reading her essay.  Once I finish that, I'm off to bed.  Darn it!  I forgot to blog about Rachael Ray!  Once I do that...blah, blah, blah.  Nice mood, huh?

Well, let's talk about Rachael's recipe.  Tonight, I made French Onion Steak Croissants - oh, my dear God!  They were so good!  Now, I have preface this with I LOVE french dips - you know - steak with provolone on a hoagie with some au jus on the side - so good.  Anyway, this was a croissant with steak, onions and,  yes, I served it with au jus.  I changed the recipe a bit by using provolone instead of gruyere because gruyere is about $15 a pound and provolone is about $3 a pound. Yeah, we're on a budget here people!  And, the recipe called for chicken stock to de-glaze the onions but I used beef stock so I could have some extra to dip in.  Loved it!  My husband loved it too and my kids (not Ellen - my 'cows are cute' kid - she wasn't home) liked it too even though it had a lot of onions and they aren't big onion fans.  I served it with some steamed broccoli and we were good to go.  And, a perk:  once you slice the steak, you just can't help but nibble.  A piece for my son, a piece for my daughter, a piece for me and there was plenty left for the sandwiches.  I will definitely make this again.  I used London Broil and have to admit this is the first time I have ever bought that particular piece of meat.  I did use a meat mallet/tenderizer on it a bit because the recipe says to marinate the steak for a while and I thought that would help the process and I was afraid that it might be a little tough. It was tender and juicy and very satisfying in the way that beef, cheese, onions and a croissant would be satisfying.  It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  It was ridiculous!  Ridiculously good!

Okay, I really do think I'm off to bed.  Yeah, right...

Bonne nuit!

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