Wednesday, February 23, 2011

spicy salmon

Tonight, it was Salmon with lime and black bean and corn salad.  The salmon was just so so.  It needed more flavor added to it but the salad was fabulous.  It was onion, pepper, lime, cumin, cilantro and spinach and it was fabulous.  I could eat tons and tons of that.  I usually love salmon but this needed something else but I'm not sure what.  Perhaps there were so many flavors that the salmon got lost.  I ate a bite of salmon with a bite of the salad to try to pep it up but it still needed something more.  Maybe teryaki?  I don't know.

Last night's dinner was good but not great.  It was apple cider chicken.  It had carmelized onions with it that were delicious but it was just a bit too much vinegar for my taste.

Okay, one of the things I like to add to this is my own recipes just because maybe you'll read it if you get something more than just a review.  My son does not like salmon.  A lot of kids don't and he is no exception to this.  So, I made him a chicken breast on the George Forman.  I like to coat it with Ranch dressing before grilling it.  Because we were having kind of a Mexican flavored meal, I added about a half teaspoon of chili powder to the ranch dressing before coating the chicken.  It adds just a bit of southwest flavor and gives it a good flavor.  My friend, Audria, gave me that ranch idea years ago and it is so good on the grill.  Coat the chicken, throw it on the grill and I even add a wooden stick to the grill to get a wood-smoked taste.  It's one of our favorites with perogies and salad.  It's a very fast meal and so good.

Tomorrow night, I still don't know.  Maybe Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Have a great night,

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