Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretzel coated chicken

Tonight, my daughter made the meal which was so nice. It was a pretzel coated chicken with a cheddar mustard sauce. The sauce was so so - not great, not bad. But, the chicken was soooo good! Oh, so good. It was crunchy and crispy and fried in vegetable oil which means it was probably fattening but oh! delish. It made me think of Chick-fil-a's chicken nuggets which I love too.

And this was very good entre for such crappy weather. Ice, snow, cold, wind - we had it all today. The kids had another snow day (they had yesterday off as well) and I painted a basement with a friend of mine. I came home, realized I had to run out to Kohls to pay my bill and my daughter, Audrey, offered to make dinner tonight. Nice, huh? I had planned on a beef meal but Ellen, my 'cow's are cute!' daughter doesn't eat beef. She was supposed to have cheerleading practice tonight but the schools are closed so no practice which means she would skip her usual mac and cheese and eat dinner with us. I love that I didn't have to drive over and back - takes me an hour round trip. She's bummed though because regional competitition is this weekend and they need the practice!

Having high school kids who don't drive yet is one of the most time consuming things possible. An hour round trip here, an hour round trip there. Oiy. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time in my car than in my bed. Not good. They will be driving soon and then the worry will start. Life is a balancing act, isn't it? On one side, thank goodness they're driving because it means that I don't have to drive them here, there, everywhere. But, on the other, oh Dear God, please keep my baby safe! She's driving!! Can you feel my pain?

Okay, for tomorrow night....I have no idea. Tonight's dinner was what I planned for tomorrow night so I will have to shoot from the hip. I do love that there are all these ideas for dinners. What I will do at the end of this year when I have run through everything but the mushroom casserole, I don't know. But for now, I still have approximately 350 recipes to try. That'll hold me for a while.

Well, good night. Bonne nuit!

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