Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day weekend

Two days have passed since I have written.  It's Valentine's Day weekend and Edible Arrangements, my little part-time job, is crazy busy with people wanting to buy large, chocolate covered fruit bouquets for that someone special that they are trying desperately to impress.  Did that sound cynical?  Well, if it didn't, I must try harder.  Maybe it's because I have been married for almost 19 years and have 3 teenage kids.  Valentine's Day has meant to me over the last, let's say, 10 years that I have to rush around buying or making every kid in my kid's class a Valentine that I have to force my kid to sign, decorate, etc.  It's fun but it's exhausting too.

This year, my son decided he didn't want to do our traditional Valentine.  Which makes me a little sad but also relieved.  Every year, it seems anyway, we made chocolate chip cookies in the shape of a heart, baked them, wrapped them in cello and tied them with red and white ribbon with a cute little 'from' tag hanging down.  They were very cute!  Perhaps that's why the 13 year old boy said no, he'd rather give straight candy.  Maybe it was the 'straight' that really sent him over the edge.  Who knows.

So, how do you achieve a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie.  Well, it's not so hard.  Make up your favorite recipe as long as your cookies don't come out looking like pancakes, (If they do, add a couple tablespoons of flour)  take two small dough balls from the batch, roll one end so that the dough ball looks more like a club you see in cave man cartoons.  It should be pointy at one end and thick and rounded on the other.  Take the two cave-man clubs and put them on the cookie sheet.  Pinch the pointy ends together so that you have one cookie that looks like a V.  Bake as usual.  The cookie will spread into a heart shape.  The pointy end won't be extremely pointy but it will look like a heart just the same. 

I think this is a long enough post so I will move on to a new one.  As it's 6 am, I will say:

Bon Jour!

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