Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!

I'm sitting here watching the Superbowl with probably 50 million other Americans doing the same thing. What do you think of Roethleisburger? Think he did all the things he's been accused of? Any thoughts on the commercials? I just have one comment - if I never see that Doritos commercial where the guy puts another guys Dorito fingers into his mouth, that will be okay with me. Yuck!

I am sort of rooting for Pittsburgh - they are a rival of the Cleveland Browns, but they're closer to Ohio than Green Bay... I don't know, guess I don't really care. But, if you are a Green Bay fan, this is really good news for you because my record for picking the winner of the SuperBowl is pretty slim. I was always a Dallas fan as a girl so if you are a sports fan, you know what that means. Yeah, I can't pick em. At least when it comes to this particular game. Ask me about the Buckeyes and I'm your girl!

So, what do you make for Superbowl Sunday? Well, I focused on the Sunday part and made Brick Roasted Chicken which features the old fashioned, skin on, bone in chicken breasts with an herb crust. The funny thing is that Ellen actually said, "Oh, there is a bone in here! Is there supposed to be?" What can I say? I've raised boneless, skinless chicken breast kids. Once we went to one of those dinners with the jousting show and where they serve half a chicken. My girls couldn't eat it because they said it looked like a dead chicken on their plates! Uh, well it is but so is that boneless, skinless slab of meat. My grandmother back in the day had to help cut the chicken's heads off, pluck them and gut them and my kids have trouble just eating pieces of chicken that don't look like a big nugget! We've come a long way, Baby!

The chicken was good. I didn't make the salad like Rachael suggested because it had capers and I don't much care for capers. I made my favorite salad instead which goes something like this - Spring mix is best but all we had was Romaine so that works, gorgonzola, dried cranberries, fresh pear, walnuts and a dressing of two prepared dressings mixed together in equal amounts - Paul Newmans light balsamic vinagrette and Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame dressing. The two balance the spicy/tart with a slightly sweet and gingery and balance the fruit with the cheese. It is so good!

Okay, it's 3rd quarter, Steelers have burned two time outs and is down 21-17. I think Green Bay has got it but they have a lot of their defensive players out with injuries so we will see. Good night! Have fun!
Bonne nuit!

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