Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My favorite so far

Tonight was Spinach and Spicy Ham Pasta Bake and it was dee-lish-ous! Now, I didn't have spicy ham - I had left over spiral glazed ham that I had frozen after Christmas but take that ham, parmesan cheese, some onion, some garlic (I threw that in) spinach in a bechemel sauce with nutmeg and a hint of cayenne pepper over pasta! Oh, yeah, baby! Then, if that isn't enough, throw in some chunks of fresh mozzarella and a bread crumb topping! Rachael calls it a gut buster and I don't even want to know the calorie count but it was fabulous and perfect on a night like this.

This is the night, if you live in the Midwest and you are reading this later on, is the night of the big snow and ice storm. It's after 10:00 and the ice has been hitting the roof and the windows since before 6:00. My son's school is already canceled for tomorrow. Now, we just have to wait for the girls' school.

Today, they were off because of this crazy weather and we watched the obligatory movie for this time of year - Groundhog Day. Made some pizza and mac and cheese and sat and watched Bill Murray go through the same crappy day over and over until he finally gets the girl. Classic.

I have the rest of the week planned out for meals and went to the store tonight to stock up - who knows how long this ice will last. In this area, we can deal with snow pretty easily but ice is another story. Tomorrow, it will be bacon wrapped meatloaf. Sounds good for a crappy winter night, right?

Bonne nuit!

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