Wednesday, February 16, 2011

not cooking

Well, I have not cooked for three days.  Valentine's Day, I worked until 7:30 and my daughters were gone with my husband to different activities and he had already fed them hamburgers by the time I arrived home.  Last night, I came home from class at 7:00 after working until 4, then I picked up the kids and went to class at 5:00, was exhausted and called Ken and asked him to bring home Chinese food.  Tonight, I cleaned up the kitchen and was planning on making chicken francese something or other when I was asked to help out a friend and left again and wasn't home until 8:45.  Frozen pizza tonight.  So, I haven't given up on this but life has interferred and messed with my grand plans.  Go figure.

I have some gossipy news.  If you have read my blog, which, so far, I don't think anyone has, but just in case, you will know that my daughter was dating someone who I thought was not really that great. He was kind of weird, a little on the chunky side and I witnessed him speak rudely to his parents - which is the kiss of death for me.  Well, my daughter has decided that he is a little weird and is planning on breaking up with him but hasn't done it yet because it's too close to Valentine's Day.  He bought her a box of Russell Stover candy.  Guys, do not EVER buy this for your girl friends unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she likes it.  It screams, "I spent absolutely no time thinking about this!"  As for my daughter, she doesn't like sweets.  No, no sweets.  Weird, I know, but she really does not eat candy, pop, ice cream, cake, cookies, fruit....anything sweet.  All three of my kids are like this.  I don't know why other than it made them sick when they were very young.  So, he bought her a box of candy....she doesn't like or eat candy....she's told him this several times....does not bode well for the boyfriend!  This is not why she is breaking up with him, mind you.  It's just the cherry on the cake.

Ken, my husband, gave me a Valentine card this morning.  I still haven't read it.  I'm not sentimental about Valentine's Day.  He tells me he loves me every morning when he brings me my coffee.  I don't need roses or candy...a dinner out would be nice but it's expensive.  Some day, we will eat out - when we don't have five people to feed each time.  A night out at the theater is always nice too but again, it's pricey. 

Tomorrow night, I have class again.  We just read something called, "Paul's Case."  It's about a boy who lives in a middle class neighborhood but dreams of living in the upper class and living the upper class lifestyle.  Wouldn't it be nice?  The thing with technology is that we see everything that is available.  It makes us want things we never would have thought about on our own and adds to the dissatisfaction of life.  I have a nice life but I want more.  I want my bills paid off.  I want to go out to eat and go to plays, operas, etc.  I want to dress ina dress and go out on the town, drink wine in dark, swanky corners, eat teeny portions from beautiful exotic shaped plates, sit straight-backed in chairs with my ankles crossed because that is how a lady sits... but it isn't a priority.  My children's education is a priority.  Keeping a roof over their heads, decent clothing and real food all come way before that other stuff.  Plus, we live near Lake Erie - wouldn't a boat be fabulous?  How about cruises, trips to Europe, Asia, Australia?  We can imagine all of this but the price makes it out of reach for most of us.  That adds to the stress of our daily lives, doesn't it?  We work so hard and there is so much pressure to acheive more, more, more. 

In another class, I have a Korean professor who spoke of Americans as always looking to the future.  Most other cultures focus on their traditions and their own cultures but Americans are still evolving and our culture is not set.  Sometimes, I think we just need to breathe.  Take in air all day long and realize that we are human beings, that we are safe for the moment and find comfort in that.

It's after 10:00.  Both daughters have corrections on English papers so it's off to proof reading for me.
Bonne nuit.

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